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biker safety Shoei RF 1100 helmetThe Shoei RF-1100 is the latest full-face helmet under the famous RF Series from Shoei and combines a fabulous sporty design with state of the art features.  The original RF-1000 design has been modified throughout the years and the integration of the latest technology into this previous model resulted into RF-1100, achieving worldwide popularity and a huge success.  Today the Shoei RF-1100 is arguably the most popular full-face helmet winning over hundreds of other alternatives in the market.  Here we focus on the best features of this helmet, highlighting the reasons of its superiority in the market as well as analyzing its pros and cons to help you decide if this is just the model you’re looking for. Read our Shoei RF-1100 Helmet Review.

The Shoei RF-1100 has a spectacular design imparting an impression that given the technology of this time, a better design would rarely have been possible.  The internal and external details in the helmet’s overall structure are simply magnificent, making it a classy masterpiece in today’s world of helmets.  The engineering of this helmet concentrated all efforts on making the user experience near to perfect and they truly have done an incredible job.    Most notably, the RF-1000 did not have a Snell M2010 rating, but the RF-1100 model is Snell M2010 approved.  Let’s check out some of the main features of the Shoei RF-1100 helmet.

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Size and Weight

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Weighing in at approximately 3 lbs., 13-5/8 oz. it’s a tiny bit heavier than the RF-1000 but still not what we’d consider to be a “heavy” helmet.  In fact we find the design overall to be extremely aerodynamic and offering nice balance.  The RF-1100 is available in 5 different shell sizes compatible with the shape of your head.  As you’d expect from Shoei there are plenty of color choices and designs to fit your style.


Increased visibility is one of the major upgrades that is clearly observed in the RF-1100 compared to that of the old RF-1000 model.  The new version hosts a 10 mm wider face-shield which is 20 mm wider than most other full-face helmets.  If you’ve been using another model of helmet for quite a long time and then switch to the RF-1100 this wider view is immediately noticeable.  More than anything else this wider vision translates into increased safety.

Variable Ventilation System

The ventilation system in the RF-1100 has been upgraded offering a chin vent which can be placed at two positions providing a better fit around your head.  For passing out warm air, two chimney vents have been built within the helmet.  There are four vents functioning as exhaust points at the rear portion of the helmet which exhales out stale air and at the same time allowing fresh air ensuring proper ventilation of the equipment.

Integrated Spoiler

Adding to the gorgeously designed aerodynamics of the helmet, the back side hosts an integrated spoiler.  The spoilers in the previous models in the RF series were screwed externally to the back side, but the new model has the spoiler as a part of the original structure.  Apart from imparting practical and technical advantages, this spoiler is stylish and sophisticated.

Noise & Flow

biker safety Shoei RF 1100 Glacier helmetThe RF-1100 model is pretty quiet compared to other helmet models.  Opening the vents or cracking the visor open results in a moderate increase in overall noise but not quite a remarkable one. When driving at speed, the rider can easily enjoy some music without any disturbance.  Keeping the visor and vents closed the noise is much suppressed and often provides a creepy silence.  You can comfortably move your head in motion without the interference of any pressure or movement.  The windscreen is sufficiently adjustable and can be positioned to variable heights fixing it at a comfy and suitable setting.

Weather Ability

The RF-1100 performs perfectly under any weather.  Even when tested under heavy rainstorms, no leakage was discovered.   A large gasket placed at an angle runs around the face-shield of the helmet and does an amazing job with sealing.  The visor has a closure mechanism which could not be any more impressive.  Even when the vents were closed, no leakage was caused.  The viewport gasket is really impressive compared to the old model.  Just turn your head a few degrees and the rain will be cleared off from the visor.  You won’t need to touch the visor for a clear vision ever again.

CW-1 Shield

CW-1 Shield is a new feature in the RF-1100 allowing a pin-lock system whose main function is to prevent fogging of the face-shield.  The helmet is highly protected from any external interfering elements and the shield can be fixed at three settings as per requirements.  The visor can be defogged by setting the shield in the closed, open and the cracked positions.

Internal Lining

biker safety Shoei rf 1100 helmet layers

The RF-1100 has a completely removable internal lining which can be washed whenever needed.  Hence you can keep your helmet clean and fresh after a period of regular use.  The process of taking out the lining and putting it back in after washing and drying is a simple process.  Besides, the new model portrays a more comfortable and cozy internal lining.

The sides and the top of the helmet have soft pads inside and when worn feels very secure.  The new ventilation system allows sufficient fresh air increasing the relaxation and calmness while driving your motorcycle.


Some Complaints…

While we found most users are highly satisfied with the performance of this new model from Shoei there have been a few complaints too.  Some found issue with excessive fogging without use of the fog guard which is intended to be placed under the visor inside the helmet.  Again, this didn’t seem to be such a prominent issue among all users so take it with a grain of salt.

Wrap up

Overall, considering the typical user experiences and popularity of the Shoe RF-1100 Helmet along with its impressive list of features, this is an excellent choice for a mid range helmet.   Shoei has basically taken the highly rated RF-1000 and made it even better  – enough to earn the coveted Snell M2010 approval.   Remember, your helmet can save your life and planning on a cheap or budget helmet is not always the best idea when your life is on the line!  The RF-1100 will provide you just what you need and won’t break the bank.  >>> HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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