Best Artificial Fibers for a Motorcycle Jacket

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Five Best Artificial Fibers tested for Abrasion-Resistance

(per article motorcycle jacket fabric):

  1. 1050 Ballistic Nylon
  2. Kevlar Stretch
  3. P.U. Coated Cordura
  4. Carbon Kevlar
  5. Carbo-Tech

Note that common Kevlar tested second-from-worst in this class.

Eight Best Artificial Fibers tested for Tear-Resistance

(per article motorcycle jacket fabric page):

  1. P.U. Coated Cordura
  2. Kevlar Stretch
  3. Keprotec (which was at the bottom of the results in the Abrasion test)
  4. Dyna Tec
  5. Carbo-Tech
  6. 500 Denier Cordure/Gore-tex
  7. Kevlar
  8. 1050 Ballistic Nylon

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